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2000AD: Prog 2321 - SIGNED
2000AD: Prog 2321 - SIGNED
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    2000AD: Prog 2321 - SIGNED

    • Product Type: Comic
    • Barcode:

    I am The Mighty Tharg, supreme channeller of Thrill-power via the gift of the Galaxy’s Greatest! Time once again, my Squaxx, to engage imaginations and take a trip into my zarjaz universes.

    A brand-new case for Judge Dredd starts this week, courtesy of Ken Niemand and former Sláine artist Leonardo Manco, as ‘Succession’ sees corporate bloodletting reach typically Mega-City maniacal levels (it’s forty-six years, of course, since JD made his ghafflebette debut in Prog 2 and go on to become the UK’s most important comics character).

    Elsewhere, Joe Pineapples and Ro-Jaws are falling through space in the penultimate part of ‘Tin Man’, Cyd makes a pilgrimage to question the Truth Trumpet of Celestial Knowledge in The Out, Midnight Indicating Shame leads her rebellion in Proteus Vex, and The Order crash through the chrono-streams!

    • Variant: Prog 2321
    • Format: Single Issue
    • Language: English
    • Writer: Assorted
    • Artist: Assorted
    • Year of release: 2023
    • Publisher: 2000AD
    • Notes: These are Jock's comp copies and may come with slight marks, soft corners, etc

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